The Nocturne on a Brompton

A friend out in Erbil was just speaking about the desire to buy a Brompton – I showed him this video and now he is …. he is back to Brooklyn tonight so will have to shop for one there. This is the video he loved … if it was me the Raw lacquer version would be my choice.

A tough bike in a hot place

I had a problem I wanted a bike for my trips to Baghdad – I only ever spend 3 weeks here at a time every 6-8 weeks and I was sick of having to drive a loan car while here A HUGE 5.7L beast of a truck the 6km into and away from work every night.

Running was easy but not the nicest as there is a section with a tunnel, no pavement and running with a backpack sucks, so a bike was the solution.

They sell bikes on this base but they are cheap $180 stomp and you break a crank type of bikes. So to bring one of my bikes out could have been possible but a pain. I also had the problem of where I could keep it when I go home or other places.
The solution a new Brompton S6 and a flight-case for it. As I only ever have hand luggage the size is no issue – I am probably still travelling lighter than the average Joe.

Lovely to cycle in the morning – even when it is hot the ride is great – takes about 11min no slower than the old car took but much more liberating

Now its winter but no great shakes about 7C in the morning and up to 18C in the day ….. Lakes here are full of Cormorants, ducks, pied kingfishers, egrets, the odd grey heron and the very large Carp they feed on.

Not the worst commute I have had to do.

Had a weird day at work and was looking …

Had a weird day at work and was looking forward to ride home. Storm was brewing and there was nice lightning flashes in the sky. Wind was up and suddenly poodling along with wind on my back doing 30km/h started getting distracted by my taillights random flashing of red against the palm trees behind me then ‘bam’ smack into the kerb.

Years of falling off the mountain bikes have served me well obviously as I got away with just a scratch on my toe (wearing Birkenstocks) and a cut on my knee forearm and pinkie. Pride not intact. Bike pretty good too … S-bag scuffed on the tar, dusted up and minute cut on side pocket. Brooks saddle has first character wound but that was it. Glad I left the laptop in the office. ‘Mmmm must pay more attention’

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at the lake

I do get some strange looks sometime as I commute to the office. I live just over 5km away from work but was sick of either waiting to get a lift or driving the completely wasteful 5L gas guzzler car back and forth. So that’s where the Brompton came in – brought it out 10 days ago and I am loving it.

Firstly the fold – very simple and now I don’t even have to think (top tube, back wheel and handle) takes about 20 sec or less to fold and take the front bag off and take it indoors.

Secondly the ride. The route to work is tar – not the smoothest with the odd pothole and corrugation. Brompton is fine – even tank track sleeping policeman are easy to go over. I hit them at about 20km/h lifting the front and unweighting the back wheel so it just pops over. Ride to and from work is generally done at an average of 22-24km/h – nothing too speedy or sweaty just a steady pedal in 4th or 5th gear.

The back shock takes quite a lot of the buzz off the road so really is quite smooth.

Everything feels very tight and well put together – Brooks is still barely wearing in only had about 150km on it so far – should be super comfy in about 500 but still better than most saddles already.

silly iPhone accelerometer seems to place this on its side and YouTube wont let me rotate it …

Brompton in box on way to airport Made i…

Brompton in box on way to airport

Made it through Dubai – in fact landed on carousel as I was walking up to it – and I was second off plane. Unscathed as good as new. Then a taxi to Terminal 2 of doom … down another check in it rumbles this time on it’s way to bag-a-daddy. And tada arrived unscathed again … handle is very good and bag rolls well too.