what 5 a side looks like on gps

My friend Tom asked what 5 a side looked like on a gps or Strava … well here Tom this is for you.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 09.51.41


pretty accurate for something that has a 5m accuracy. It isn’t telemetary but it gives a good idea of the pitch covered – a full 11 a side pitch would be much more accurate in terms of area covered.

i use a Garmin Fenix HRM GPS – like this one here – fantastic – esp now they have dropped in price

5 a side football (soccer) – and what it does for you aerobically and anaerobically

Played football (not to be confused with that American game played with hands and an egg shaped ball HANDEGG?) last night for the first time in months. I had given up after a brutal kicking one night but headed the call when short of players and popped down to Firhill where the games are played on astroturk and the boards at the side ensure that games don’t stop (unless you catch a breather in goal.

Put on the Suunto t6c to see what workout I got in an hour and I was pretty surprised at the result. Definitely in the anaerobic camp of exercise.


Heart Rate average was 149 but this includes time in goal – HR max was 180 (not bad I thought my HRmax was high 170 odd)

Heart Rate

You can see brief warm up then game on – following a goal we normally change goalies and you can see where I went in (and the long nearly 10min stint where I didn’t concede a goal) then out again and later on another shorter goalkeeper stint.

What also surprised me was my predicted VO2 reading of 49 ….


Here is some blurb gleaned from the internet …. my VO2 should be higher if I can do a sub40 10km race …. (52??)

Here’s how to use the number to make some predictions in your race times and your mortality
If your VO2max is less than the number listed by your age, your decreased fitness is at least as risky as smoking one pack of cigarettes per day or having diabetes or hypertension.


Age 20-39             36.75  less than this is as risky as smoking cigarettes
40-49                   34.65

50-59                    30.80

60 and up       26.65


  In addition, a VO2 max check-up can give you some idea of what to expect in an upcoming 10K.  For instance, if your VO2max is approximately 40, you should be able to run the 10K in about 50 minutes.  With a VO2max of 45, you should cruise through a 10-K course at about 45:15.  At 50, you’ll run a 41:20, at 55 you’ll post about 38:06, at 60 you do about 35:30,   65 gives you 33 minutes, and 70 equals 31 minutes flat.