Lost in Peru VIDEO

Join Ali Goulet, Chris Van Dine and Aaron Chase as they explore a foreign land on an epic trip around Peru.

B.Lewis, “Grey to Clear”
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Delay Trees, “Tarantula / Holding On”
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SaReGaMa, “Tribal Dance”
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Soto 40’s – a class to watch ( and race if you have the money)

Watching the Audi med up I was amazed by the racing TP52’s speak for themselves but the smaller boats the soto40’s were amazing too although racing in a fleet of 4 was about 8 boats short of a proper fleet.

Reminded me of a posting on sailing anarchy some time ago encouraging the soto 40 growth – just need all the Italians to start campaigning these boats instead of the big heavy farr’s.

big pimpin’

sex machine

soto%2040%203.jpg_sml.jpgHere it is… the Soto 40 OD. 40 foot of marine SEX wrapped up in a quality product backed up some passionate people who know their stuff. Check out the square-top main, the hiking wings, the enormous cockpit and all the good gear on board – this thing just wants to GO. And there’s nothing like it around. You were looking for a replacement for the aging Farr 40?

The Soto 40 is not an idea or a set of VPPs – the fleet are racing NOW and have been doing so for the past year. There will be ten Soto 40s fronting the start line at Ilhabella Race Week this July and there’s currently another five in the construction queue. And the whole Soto 40 story has happened in just 18 months, from idea to fleets in Argentina and Brazil. Torben Grael liked the Soto 40 so much he bought one for himself (Magia V) and will be a part of the fleet at Ilbabela.

With the ‘going global’ of the Soto 40 the builder, M Boats, is fixing the price at US $297,000 for the rest of the year… pretty good value if you compare it against anything new out there in the same zone. Add some water, sails and dials and you’re a part of the fastest production 40’s going around at the moment.

soto%2040%204.jpg_sml.jpgNow that it’s all go, go, go in South America the Soto 40 juggernaut heads to Australia and Asia with meetings being held in Singapore and Hong Kong this July to discuss the establishment of fleets in the region. You can register on the Class website if you’d like to attend and be involved in getting exciting OD racing back on the calendar in the region. There will be a few surprises and some special offers to those who can get along to the meetings.

Unlike your latest 40 ft IRC boat or box-rule flyer, the Soto 40 One Design is a yacht for 2010 and beyond. And definitely faster too. If you want to do a bit of IRC? ORCi? Performance? – all good, with the numbers and performance to back it up. It’s not a ‘rule’ boat and has simply been designed to be a light, fast, simple yacht built to strict one design guidelines.