the very sticky bottle

A former winner of the Vuelta, Vincenzo Nibali has been thrown off the race before the real battle for 2015 overall honours has properly begun after the worst sticky bottle incident stickybottle has ever seen.

When the aerial footage in the clip below emerged it led head commissaire Bruno Valcic to announce the Italian’s immediate disqualification from the race.

And Astana directeur sportif Alexandre Shefer, who was driving the car Nibali took such a prolonged and high speed tow from, has also been put off the race.

Both men have been fined 200 Swiss Francs and Astana will only be permitted one team vehicle for tomorrow’s third stage and stage 4 on Tuesday.

The incident captured in the helicopter shots below occurred around 16km from the finish of today’s 165km leg.

Nibali came down in the major crash 30km from the finish. And after being forced to wait for a bike he had 1:30 to make up on the bunch.

His team mates dropped back to help him and the Italian got back to a chase group within 35 seconds of what remained of the main peloton.

However, obviously keen to get back to the head of the race before the final climb of the day to the finish, Nibali went to the front of the chase group, with his Astana team car pulling up alongside.

The aerial footage shows the Italian being towed off the front of that group, before the cameras pan away from the cheating taking place.

He managed to catch the peloton 3km after the incident captured in the foot below only to struggle on the final climb and lose 1:28 to stage winner Esteban Chaves (Orica-GreenEdge).

When the footage began circulating on social media after the stage, the race officials took action.

“The film is very clear, it shows that Nibali has put his hand on the car for 100 metres,” head commissaire Valcic said, though the full towing period may have been longer than seen on camera.

“So the penalty for this is very clear. The decision of the commissaires is very clear, Vincenzo Nibali has been disqualified from the race.”

Entering the harbour when the waves are huge …. Sailing nightmares

Years ago i went sailing with my ex father in law who wanted to test his Moody 47 in heavier seas.

Moody 47 on a much nicer day 15knots peachy
Moody 47 on a much nicer day 15knots peachy

I had already been kitesurfing in the morning but my father in law was not a great sailor (the sort that tacked with a cruising chute up and wondered why it wrapped in the rigging). Although the wind was hitting 25knots the boat was of such a design as to be able to handle it …..

We went out and the waves had already got a lot bigger. We sailed with a reefed (furled main and a staysail for a few hours) Having gotten the boat well out the water beating upwind over a decent 20 foot set of waves. The problems came up when we headed back and I saw the entrance to the harbour had waves breaking before the entrance. This was a combination of bigger waves and a dropping tide.

I suggested we go up the coast to a larger commercial harbour which had better deepwater marina facilities but as he was going the next morning overseas to work for 4 weeks he was adamant he wanted it back in its own dock. He also wanted me to take it in … well it was directly downwind into the harbour mouth .

‘Do you have a drogue (sea anchor)’ i asked

‘What is that?’

my plan was to half deploy and motor in with it keeping us stern on in the breaking waves
my plan was to half deploy and motor in with it keeping us stern on in the breaking waves

Do you even have a steel bucket or any bucket? NADA

So that is how i came to be motoring in (with its great 75hp motor) into the harbour. I tried to time the run between sets but as we were screaming towards the harbour I heard the roar of a wave to see the white water at eye level just about to hit us from behind. I slipped into neutral then full into reverse ….  but as soon as the prop hit white water it just spun. The boat broached hard to Starboard (R) and when it came up I gunned the engine went hard to Port (L) and missed the sea wall by 20 foot. My testicles were so far up that i could have sworn my tonsils had regrown …..  Afterwards I remarked

‘bloody hell that was CLOSE’

My father in Law replied ‘It isn’t so nerve-wracking when you are not steering’

Well it was his £125k boat …. and it was insured.

So when i saw this video I though Woahh that was nearly me.

watch from 2:26

Youri Zoon Kitesurf Champ

A very sweet video with old style VO man as an extra touch ….

This is the story of new world champion in kitesurfing; Youri Zoon.
EyEFORcE productions has followed Brunotti rider Youri Zoon over the last couple of years, filming him on locations across the globe.
This video documents his career.

-PKRA footage courtesy of Extreme Elements
-OLD footage courtesey of

from his website

Year of Birth : 14/12/1989

Size: 175

Weight: 72

Years of Xperience : 7

Lives in : Dirksland, NL

Favorite spot: Brouwersdam

Has been riding : Netherlands, France, Brazil, , Italy, Belgium, Spain, Cabarete, Portugal,japan, mexico, venezuela, canada, USA, , vietnam, Germany, austria ,thailand,egypte,mexico, south africa,  probely more that i forget heheh

Why kiteboarding: I was a windsurfer before but I wanted to do more than that and then I discovered kitesurfing. Afther the first lesson i was hooked!

Dislikes: Sand in my bed. If i get sand in my bed i am gonne freak out…

Listens to: hardstyele and just chilling music. I like a lot of music but it has to have a good rithem.

Occupation: Pro kiteboarder

My Kiteboarding gear:

What brands of kites are u flying?

Slingshot kites

Why are you flying Slingshot kites kites?

The first time i felt the kite i was like woow this definetly my kite. And i am still very happy with it.

Whats you’r favorite kitesize?

This year i am riding with the RPM, i helped develope this kite and testing it.Til i was statisfied with it.

What brand of boards are u riding?

Brunotti boards(youri zoon pro)

Why are u riding Brunotti boards(youri zoon pro) boards?

The boards are just everything i want, if i want to have something in it, i will get it from Jinne Sietsma the shaper of brunotti boards.

What’s your favorite boardsize/style?

My favorite board is 133*40

Longboard Crew

Further to the post below about what is accepted witness these Spanish women ripping it up on their longboards. Beautifully shot too …..

Roadtrip in Spain with the Longboard Girls Crew·

In this third episode, we return from Mallorca and visit Carlota’s parents in their family house in Denia. They invite us to paella right in front of the beach. We spend the night in Calpe and continue our journey to the country’s interior. Castillian landscapes, lands of castles and medieval towns are waiting for us.

[7 female riders, 1 van, 15 days, 4.300km, 416 GB of raw material… culminating in one video, divided into four chapters. The film documents the adventure of the trip, portraying the girls, their lifestyle and their passion for longboard.]


“Tema de amor” CARLO COUPE (Jesus Trujillo P y C Subterfuge Records/Música para un guateque sideral 2000)
“Hold Your Maker’s Hand” JOE LA REINA (Subterfuge Records 2012)
Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen, BWV 51 – JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH

Second camera operators: Raúl Serrano (Ra), Nacho Caribbean
Production team: Mónica Madenfrost, Jesus Asensio (Chus), Raúl Serrano (Ra)


Skating a sweet video from spain

Third and final part of the triptych “Surfing the city”, three cruisings around Madrid in longboard. A winter’s night skating with Ra, Nacho, Quique, Kati, Paula, Borja, Luis, Jorge y Guido.

Tercera y última parte del tríptico “Surfing the city”, diferentes cruisings recorriendo Madrid en longboard. Una noche de invierno patinando con Ra, Nacho, Quique, Kati, Paula, Borja, Luis, Jorge y Guido.