How to start the week

Drop kids at school then sneak in a run even if it is slow

Screenshot 2014-12-01 16.00.33and then back home where i had my bike set up on the turbo so did a wee fat burn ride ….

Taming the badger as opposed to Slaying – more on that film once I finish it …..

Screenshot 2014-12-01 16.00.58

Thursday fat burn and why mornings start better with exercise

I love starting the morning with a bit of exercise it seems to set me up for the day – whether it is a boost to my heart rate or my metabolism or whether it is a bit of fluffing for my ego, I am not sure but I always feel a bit better once the exercise is done.
I know some people don’t respond to the thought of exercise first thing – some people are morning people and some are night people, but for me it is partly that I feel better once I know my exercise quotient for the day is already done – if I am aiming to do at least an hour of exercise a day then I feel like I have passed my test for the day before I start. Also life often throws a curveball – an unexpected guest, restaurant trip, change of plans or even an afternoon energy slump that can mean that exercise gets dropped off the task list.
Exercise in the morning makes me feel like I had my me time for the day – take this morning – I did an hour on an indoor spin bike in the gym. Lower resistance and spinning at around 90rpm. Heart rate fixed in lower cardio fatburn and I read a crappy book for an hour. At no point did it feel like I was exercising.
My aim is to go again this evening and do a hectic interval running session or another bikram spin session as I am flying tomorrow.