Ouch ….

A man aged 47 was lofted yesterday by the wind while practicing kite surfing in the area of Les Marines of Denia (Alicante), Spain. After passing over a five story building, he flew more than 300 yards inland and landed on the roof of a cottage, according to the initial report to this newspaper sources of the fire brigade of the town.

The result of falling initially on the roof of the house and then two other roofs of lower height thereafter, the man suffered a deep wound in the head, multiple injuries and a broken leg. After being rescued by firefighters a SAMU(EMS) took him to the Hospital of Dénia.

According to some sources, the accident occurred early in the afternoon as the man was practicing kiteboarding with a group of experienced kiteboarding friends.

Apparently, multiple witnesses indicated the strong gusty wind recorded yesterday caused him to lose control of the kite and elevated above a building of five stories and sending him soaring 300 meters inland to land on the roof of a three-story house. He then moved from one roof to another until finally coming to a stop.

This was the most serious incident recorded yesterday because of the wind, which also toppled trees in enclaves like the Garden of Turia, in Valencia, and forced firefighters to perform about one hundred services related to falling branches and trees, panels and other elements that were at risk of falling.

Gusts of up to 80mph!

 The wind blew hard throughout the day across the Region, with gusts reached 80mph in Font de la Figuera, 78mph in Agres, and 63mph in both Fontanars as in Chelva, as reported Valencian Association of Meteorology (Avamet).

From the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) explain that the gusts registered afternoon in the three provinces were related to the passage of a band of weak precipitation without rays, which was accompanied by gusty wind and thermal drop about seven degrees. Passing this band of rain, gusty wind ceased and the temperature rose, but remained below previous values, with a very significant drop compared to previous days.

Weekend roundup

Well it was still windy – Saturday Storm Desmond Hit

‘their actions are unforgiveable’

And it was too strong for kiting … but Sunday the forecast looked much better. Packed the car picked up my pal and drove down to the coast.

2015-12-06 11.38.47

It looked peachy but cold at 7degrees C. Gimped up in the wetsuit gloves boots and hood and hit the water with my 8m kite. Epic day with the squalls coming through and the strong gusts hitting (sometimes mid jump) meant everything was a bit unpredictable. Think I did some of my highest jumps ever – at one stage going so high that I rapidly ran out of water to land on – traveling a good 70foot before landing in about 1ft of water far too close to the beach … scary stuff and the stories that broken bones come from so a lucky escape. As i was coming down the mantra of stay smooth …. stay smooth was playing in my head.

Screenshot 2015-12-06 18.26.16

What a good day.

Interesting when uploading the gps track to Strava – the Fenix has a barometric altitude sensor but if you look closely at the grey track you can see hard downspikes in the last 1/3rd – those are all wipeouts where i smacked the water and the sensor took a hit.

Screenshot 2015-12-07 10.17.06

Friday the 13th – If I had known

the forecast was mental as tropical storm abigail came across the Atlantic and smashed into the UK …Screenshot 2015-11-13 21.19.26


So decided I would kitesurf – took down my smallest kite the 6m Best Cabo (which feels bigger than 6m) and a twin tip board.

The wind was strong but what was worse was the gusts howling in …. I was on max depower of kite with rail buried and one time I was literally lifted sideways and plonked unceremoniously 20ft downwind (sideways) at force.

The jumping was good – even with a wave kite that doesn’t really shine in this area.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 21.18.59 Screenshot 2015-11-13 21.19.26

could only manage 40min before I was wasted – back to the west end for a quick steam at the club.

Entering the harbour when the waves are huge …. Sailing nightmares

Years ago i went sailing with my ex father in law who wanted to test his Moody 47 in heavier seas.

Moody 47 on a much nicer day 15knots peachy
Moody 47 on a much nicer day 15knots peachy

I had already been kitesurfing in the morning but my father in law was not a great sailor (the sort that tacked with a cruising chute up and wondered why it wrapped in the rigging). Although the wind was hitting 25knots the boat was of such a design as to be able to handle it …..

We went out and the waves had already got a lot bigger. We sailed with a reefed (furled main and a staysail for a few hours) Having gotten the boat well out the water beating upwind over a decent 20 foot set of waves. The problems came up when we headed back and I saw the entrance to the harbour had waves breaking before the entrance. This was a combination of bigger waves and a dropping tide.

I suggested we go up the coast to a larger commercial harbour which had better deepwater marina facilities but as he was going the next morning overseas to work for 4 weeks he was adamant he wanted it back in its own dock. He also wanted me to take it in … well it was directly downwind into the harbour mouth .

‘Do you have a drogue (sea anchor)’ i asked

‘What is that?’

my plan was to half deploy and motor in with it keeping us stern on in the breaking waves
my plan was to half deploy and motor in with it keeping us stern on in the breaking waves

Do you even have a steel bucket or any bucket? NADA

So that is how i came to be motoring in (with its great 75hp motor) into the harbour. I tried to time the run between sets but as we were screaming towards the harbour I heard the roar of a wave to see the white water at eye level just about to hit us from behind. I slipped into neutral then full into reverse ….  but as soon as the prop hit white water it just spun. The boat broached hard to Starboard (R) and when it came up I gunned the engine went hard to Port (L) and missed the sea wall by 20 foot. My testicles were so far up that i could have sworn my tonsils had regrown …..  Afterwards I remarked

‘bloody hell that was CLOSE’

My father in Law replied ‘It isn’t so nerve-wracking when you are not steering’

Well it was his £125k boat …. and it was insured.

So when i saw this video I though Woahh that was nearly me.

watch from 2:26

The Winter of Storms continues

The Basque Country’s Axi Muniain and tow partner Ibon “Koala” Ilarramendi taking on a new oceanic adversary near San Sebastian. Suffice to say, things didn’t quite go to plan.

“This is a new wave near San Sebastian, behind the “Peine de los vientos” (one of the iconic Statues of the city) and the Igeldo lighthouse,” says the filmmaker, Mikel Yerobi. “On the third wave Axi fell and broke one of his ribs. The consequence is that he needs to stay around four weeks without surfing.”