Slow Slow Slow Sloowerrr Slowwwwwwwwer Sloooooowwwwwer FAST

This may just be our favourite track cycling video ever, and it’s certainly one of the more bizarre events we’ve seen – it’s called the Marymoor Crawl, and is a perennial crowd-pleaser at the July Marymoor Grand Prix track meet in Redmond, Washington State in the Pacific North West of the US.

The idea is simple. Riders have to stay upright – no feet on ground, no interfering with other riders, no holding the rail on the side of the track, no crossing the finish line – for up to four minutes before the bell rings, then the ones left in go hell for leather for a single lap of the velodrome.

Cue plenty of trackstanding … then a desperate dash for the line by the handful of riders left in from the couple of dozen or so who lined up at the start.

We’d LOVE to see this in the Olympics – Brian Cookson, please push for it – but is it just us, or do the riders with the more aero, pro-looking helmets get eliminated earlier than most of the others?

track bike / trial bike

just what every hip coffee shop in shoreditch or hoxton needs – a cool retro time trial fixie bike propped in the window with a krypto lock on the bars and a moustached owner working as a barista whilst waiting for his break as musician/actor/photographer

Joint the Hunt in London

On the 6th May Toyko Fixed are very proud to be hosting the UK’s first ever fixed gear Criterium at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, a closed 0.9 mile race track in West London.

It will be an action packed weekend full of riding and festivities. Make sure you get down for the race and come and party with us afterwards at Look Mum No Hands. We have Roller Racing at Hillingdon and LMNH in the evening so everyone who isn’t competing in ‘The Hunt’ can still get involved and get the blood pumping.

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