Theatre Thursday: West Side innit

“It’s crazy how fast time goes by when you’re having a good time. Usually, you already have some sort of expectations before starting a trip; about places you may visit, or experiences you might live. But truth is, that the journey itself is full of surprises. It’s the people you meet along the way who make the difference. People you can share your passion with, who turn unknown places into a second home.The number of special moments we have lived along the journey have by far exceeded our initial expectations. It has been an unforgettable experience, that pushes us to keep on traveling, doing what we care about most.”

– MARCO GASSER (film, direction & edit)
– FABIO GASSER (film, direction & edit)
– DANI MELO (artwork)

– JUANMA POZO (founder)
– DANI MELO (art director)
– URI BORDES (ceo)
– XAVI FUENTES (roadtrip crew)
– RUBÉN GARCÍA (roadtrip crew)

Eurostar forced to back down regarding bike policy


guardian newspaper reblog:

Eurostar has reversed its decision to force cyclists to dismantle their bikes before using the Cross-channel rail service after growing pressure from the public.

The company announced that it will continue to accept fully assembled bikes after it was accused of treating cyclists as third class passengers and was warned the plan would discourage new cyclists and make air travel a more attractive option.

London mayor Boris Johnson said last month the initial policy change “undermines Eurostar’s green pretensions”, while a campaign led by the national cycling charity Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) and the European Cyclists’ Federation was signed by more than 9,700 people. The all party parliamentary cycling group and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo also urged the high speed train provider to reconsider its decision.

The operator’s long-standing policy has been for cyclists to pay a £30 fee for their bike to be carried on their train via a registered luggage system. It announced that it was going to force passengers to dismantle their bikes, put them in a box and reassemble them when they reach their destination.

The company claimed the policy – which would have been more restrictive than any operator in the UK – was needed to accommodate the growing amount of luggage carried by other passengers. Eurostar admitted the initial plan “concerned some passengers”.

A spokesman said: “After careful thought and planning we have taken the decision to continue to allow fully mounted bikes on board but of course this can only be a small number because of the space constraints.”

CTC chief executive Paul Tuohy said: “It’s fantastic news that the views of so many of our members and other cyclists across Europe have been listened to.

“This proves how a successful, well-run campaign can be a massive force for good and make things happen.”

Thoughts of a new bikepacking rig – reblog Bike Check: Skyler’s trail Krampus, Panthea’s B-Side, and more Tech Talk

…This time, Skyler forges on with the opinions on a subject worthy of his opinion – his own bicycle… In the previous instalment of this Tech Talk business (which I guess is becoming a ‘thing’ now), I wrote about a few of the good people that have inspired me to forgo the old cycle touring […]

Bikes of Cuba

Back from holidays which wasn’t cycling a month ago and just finished going through pics.

There are lot of pictures with bikes in so here are some to share. Al photo ©Richard Crawford but get in touch if you want to use any any release could be free or cheap.

bikosofcuba (1 of 21) bikosofcuba (2 of 21) bikosofcuba (3 of 21) bikosofcuba (4 of 21) bikosofcuba (5 of 21)

Some semi pro serious road bike race
Some semi pro serious road bike race

bikosofcuba (7 of 21) bikosofcuba (8 of 21)

start young
start young

bikosofcuba (10 of 21) bikosofcuba (11 of 21)

we rented some
we rented some

bikosofcuba (13 of 21) bikosofcuba (14 of 21) bikosofcuba (15 of 21) bikosofcuba (16 of 21) bikosofcuba (17 of 21) bikosofcuba (18 of 21) bikosofcuba (19 of 21) bikosofcuba (20 of 21) bikosofcuba (21 of 21)

Been following his jaunt these past few days – v jealous.

As I stirred this morning, after an unusually cold night for August, I poked my nose out of the tent to take a good look at the campsite I had landed in the night before.

video: Twenty Eight Feet – life on a little wooden boat

just the best wee video about sailing and about the boat …..

A short documentary about David Welsford, who has given up the luxuries of land in search for happiness and adventure on a 50 year old wooden boat he restored from a scrap heap. Featuring music from Bahamas, Acres & Acres and Ben Howard!

Director & Cinematographer: Kevin A Fraser
Featuring & Additional Photography: David Welsford
Editor: Shawn Beckwith
Colorist: Chris MacIntosh
Post Audio: Craig Sperry
Producers: Kevin A Fraser & Melani Wood
Acres & Acres
Ben Howard
Salus Marine
Grohmann Knives
Lunenburg Boat Locker
William F White
Splinter Joy