Taking it easy – but what’s the drag

Sitting on the turbo doing a simple 45min spin as the RACE MTB 75km is on Saturday and I am not totally prepared. Think it will be the case of finishing ……

So turbo today

Screenshot 2015-04-30 12.06.27

But afterwards there is a faint plastic smell – I look around

2015-04-30 10.58.43

2015-04-30 10.58.51

my initial thought it was the rear tyre – but it is a thicker turbo specific tyre so thats not the culprit ….. then i find out the error is the resistance lead for the turbo has been rubbing against the tyre for the whole ride

that isn't a highlight on the the black lead - it is metal
that isn’t a highlight on the the black lead – it is metal

How to avoid missing anything from the TdF and still get the exercise in

I may have over indulged last night after watching the Columbia Brazil match with Bacchus the nasty. So after a recovery nap I realised I didn’t have enough time for a short ride prior to watching the end of the Tour de France ….. So this is my solution.
Bike with trainer wheel strapped onto the turbo – towel over the bars and iPad and headphones.

Definitely not the prettiest sight.

Photo on the iPad watching the sprint

Back on the turbo and gone pro on Strava

After a short break due to a cold I am back on the turbo trying to get a bit fitter for the potential Srathpuffer 24 mtb race – I am far from ready – so far in fact that i cant see myself doing 4 hours let alone 12 ….

But had a spin on thursday on the turbo and so tonight started doing one of the sufferfest films Angels which is a great climbing training video. Felt the effect of the cold so only completed 2 of the 3 climbs.

Picture 1

Went pro on the Strava account and they have this HR analysis which is fairly interesting if a bit basic. Love strava for the KOM and the social pecking order so paid mainly as a big thank you ….

Picture 3

So what is Suffer and what is points in the red – well here it is ….

The Strava Suffer Score is an analysis of your heart rate data. By tracking your heart rate through your workout and its level relative to your maximum heart rate, we attach a value to show exactly how hard you worked. The more time you spend going full gas and the longer your activity, the higher the score. Compare your Suffer Score with friends and pros, see if you can do a truly epic workout and motivate yourself to push that extra bit harder! The Suffer Score was inspired by the concept of TRIMP (TRaining IMPulse) coined by Dr. Eric Bannister.


Points in the Red is the portion of your Suffer Score that you earned in your Zone 4 and Zone 5 heart rate zones. Points in the Red shows you the intensity of your workout – if your Suffer Score and Points in the Red are the same, you were hammering the entire time!


Interval training on the indoor trainer: Sufferfest Revolver


Last night went out to the garage for Sufferfest Revolver.


  • How long: 45minutes
  • What it’s about: Repeats of 1:00 maximum intensity intervals
  • Best for: Increasing your maximum power and ability to recover

Simple. Brutal. Uncomplicated. This is a workout you don’t have to think about. You just get on, drive yourself into the ground, and get off. It’s the perfect video for anyone who needs to fit a killer, high-intensity workout into their lunch hour to tune-up for racing or weekend ass-kicking.


  • 4:00 warm-up
  • 1:30 of tempo riding
  • 2:00 of higher-speed tempo, with video from the Madison at the UCI Track World Cup
  • Then the main event – 15x 1:00 intervals, with 1 minute rest in-between each interval, for a total of 30 minutes of intervals.
    • The ‘on’ intervals are not for the faint of heart. They should be done at 9/10 or 10/10 on the RPE (recommended perceived exertion scale). They feature footage from the UCI Track World Cup (Madison, Keirin, Kilometer), the UCI Cyclocross World Cup and the UCI World Road Championships (both U23 and Elite Women).
    • The ‘off’ intervals features some beautiful footage descending the Col du Soler
  • 4:00 warm-down featuring the final Ks of the Col du Soler descent.

It was my first go on the video so i was more likely at 9 instead of 10 on perceived edit – I did feel sick twice so that may have been 10’s …..

Polar HR

it was brutal – for the garage floor as well judging by the sweat ……