Weekend round up

A strange weekend this as Autumn storms lashed the UK. I set out Saturday to go kitesurfing but the wind was quite incredible .


So saturday I had my new (old) Teak Danish dining table delivered and planned for the Sunday. Sunday was worse – I had the car packed with my gear and checked the beach station 47mph with a gust of 71mph …. Crazy weather and my smallest storm kite is not storm enough. So came inside unpacked and did 1hr on the turbo trainer then watched movies and ate chocolate listening to the rain hitting the windows (hard). The screen grab below from the airport – Behind terminal building so protected from true win in a westerly or north west wind


This morning – wind gone 180degrees and not a breath and also no rain so out for run …. 10km first of the month and slow.

Screenshot 2015-11-30 12.53.17

Well at least it is better than nothing.


Sufferfest: Angels

On a recommendation of a friend I just bought Sufferfest Angels – a training video for turbo trainers, rollers or gym bikes.

It’s a great concept and uses real race footage to simulate an interval session … Angels is the hill climbing one and after my first go I can see a major flaw ….. No not the video … Me

Started fine with warm up then 10×1 min over unders then an 8 min climb and 4 min rest x 3

I bonked after the second hill and was swept up by the broom wagon and hit the shower before you can say “what must it be like to awarded a victory 2 years later because the guy who won it was off his tits on clenbuterol”

I look forward to the challenge of completing it … Maybe Monday night…….
Will throw a heart rate chart here to show the work out pattern – I pretty much kept to the effort and cadence guidance …

polar read out

This is me afterwards looking oh so happy and oh so fit ….


Turbo Interval on the bike

yesterday was supposed to be a run day in light of the upcoming duathlon but I couldn’t face it (as opposed to today when I am forced to face the sleet and cold later)

So the plan was this:

10min warm up then

4 MIN at +85% MHR

4 MIN recovery at 65% MHR

Repeat 4 times

Then cool down for 10 min

But was watching the iPad – a doccie about the Yom Kippur war with John Snow daddy and son and kind of lost track of timings ….

Here is the Garmin read out showing speed

speed on the trainer

The intervals are not so easy to see on this graph – esp the 2nd interval where I went for nearly 7.5 minutes ….

Here is the polar Heart rate Graph from Polar Personal Trainer which shows the intervals clearer. Normally I program the RCX5 so that it beeps to remind me and beeps when HR is too high (rare) or too low ….. Think I should stick to that is it is less forgetful than me doing it manually.

Polar RCX5 HR graph clearly showing intervals

not working today so off to the cinema at lunchtime – how decadent ….