Skyride Glasgow and making a seat

Picked up the bike Friday and then decided to go on the Glasgow Skyride Sunday morning. So with no space for ruby I made a bodge to get us through the day. Got a piece of wood out of the shed drilled and zip tied it to the back rack then stuck a cushion in a plastic bag and voila ….. ride successful.

Then this week thought of how to make a small seat for Ruby yet leave space for a Bout’Chou seat behind her for Bella on the rack. Decided to make a folding rack seat and decided to use all the wood that we found in the shed when we moved into the house.

So Ingredients:

Stoker Kit:
Old mtb handlebar – ziptied onto seat.
leather handgrips (bought for the Yuba but wont fit on with twist shifter) £15

Piece of nice ply (not marine ply if only ….)
Piece of pine (as no more ply) for backrest
two small pieces as strut support
Cost £zip

brass hinges £2
yacht varnish £5

So £7 for the seat. (oh yeah and zip ties)

folded down and up

Just finished another coat of varnish – will zip tie to frame once I insert small foam between seat and frame to give a bit of shock absorption.

Yuba Mundo

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Taken the plunge and ordered a Yuba Mundo 6 speed cargo / utility bike from Practical cycles.

Was always after a Surly Big dummy but after a lot of reading and the wallet factor have gone for the Mundo.

Orange with saddlebag and rack – just need to get some marine plywood to make a back rack ….. for the girls to sit on.