Back to reality – kitesurfing in Scotland is more brutal sometimes …

Recently i was in Cape Verde kitesurfing and although the weather gods failed to line up for me (and I lost a GoPro 3 when the shoddy mount broke and it sank to the bottom of the ocean) – the temp was great and the chap i made friends with said 2 days later saw 25knots and waves breaking outside the bay with clean sections in between …. aaaah well

in Cape Verde with board shorts only
in Cape Verde with board shorts only

then it was back to Scotland and winter and i was up in Lewis (part of the outer Hebrides) for the New Year. The wind gods were present and we saw squall after winter squall arrive.

that is wind
that is wind

and I sat in the cottage looking out the window as hard rain drilled against the panes of glass and thought ‘c’mon January – I have got to do this’

So I did. Forecast was big so rigged up my new Best Cabo 6m kite (it is a 2013 model but discount made it a good buy) had to adjust the lines slightly and then i headed out.

fully gimped out
fully gimped out – although the weather doesn’t look bad it was blowing 35knots at this time – look at the kite lines GRESS BEACH

And it was great.


Such a good kite – a 3 strut kite that is very easy on the bar and it behaves perfectly. Steering quite quick but if on a wave you can kite one handed and the kite has a great drift so it never stalls. Threw it back about 5 times for a jump and it jumps easily as well if not better than my old Best Waroo (which has always been a favourite of mine)

I was only out for 40min so this is by no means a review but i am very pleased with it at the moment. This and the new Best TS 2014 8m means i am covered from 20 – 40+ knots (the only weather I like)

Temp wasn’t bad and with a great Snugg wetsuit, booties, gimp hood and gloves I was sorted. I came off the water boiling (although i only really wiped out twice. The inside of the wetsuit was practically dry. There would have been more photos but the driving rain kept the princess in the car ….. I just played in the waves down to the car park where she moved down to – but the kite was great at going back upwind too …..

not very far, fast or long but great still
not very far, fast or long but great still

Naish Cult or Best Waroo in my sights

New kites out so time to pick up a Cult 9m in the sales …. or maybe a waroo …. Mmmm decisions


Comment got in was

‘Don’t know much about the Cult, but was a big fan of the old-shaped Waroo. Went to buy a newbie and found that had changed the design completely – NOT the same kite, beware – it is SLOW and heavy feeling.

Tried a Slingshot Octane and fell in love with it – now have two (7m and 9m)- especially good in surf and build quality way above Waroo.’