Bucket List time

January looking light for work so going to do this (hopefully) Dont really fancy shlepping my kite stuff so I may rent a windsurfer and dust that part of my technique off ….

but before I get to excited i emailed to check dates and got this back ….

We have put the HIHO event on-hold for 2014.  Sorry about this.  We do expect a reincarnation in 2015 which might be more kite focused.

Highland Spring HIHO

Racing is the backbone of the HIHO event and competition tales place in these classes: SUP, windsurfing & kiting. Summer conditions in the BVI are ideal for all these activities. Each class races separately. Here are details:


There are two SUP racing classes: Open and Fanatic One-Design. Open class racers can compete on any board as long as it is under 14′. Races are 3 to 5-miles in length. The organizer have a limited number of 12’6″ and 14′ raceboards available for rent. There is the option of shipping boards back and forth from Miami in our container. You should contact us for more info.

The Fanatic One-Design class is the larger of the SUP classes. All racers use the bespoke 12′ Fanatic Ray board. The Fanatic One-Design class caters to more intermediate level racers and involves daily races that are 1-3-miles in length, and almost always in sheltered waters.

We recognize the top 5 racers in the Open class, and the top women racer. In the Fanatic One-Design class we give trophies to the top 10-racers


This is a strict one design division where all racers use the BIC Techno 2 283. The 148 liter board is ideal for inter-island racing in our Summer trade wind weather. Boards are available for rent. Techno 2 racers may use any fin they like and any three sails. Neil Pryde V8 & Hellcat sails are also available for rent. [Equipment Info here]

Techno 2 racers will compete between 6 and 9 races during the event. Racing starts on smaller courses in the North Sound, then longer inter-island legs by day 2.

Trophies are awarded in the windsurfing class in these division:

1. Juniors (<18)

2. Men’s (18-34)

3. Master’s (35-44)

4. Grand Masters (45-54)

5. Super Masters (55+)

6. Women’s (all ages)


New for the 2013 event, kitesurfing will involve a limited number of inter-island races. The kite racing class will be limited to 15-racers. All inter-island kite races must be aboard raceboards. We will not permit twin tip and low-volume boards for the inter-island races. You may use any board when you rode recreationally. Prizes will be awarded to the top kiters following the race series we outline for the week.

5 reasons to support local shapers


San Diego’s Mark Slingerland, making quality boards the old fashioned way. Photo: Ellis

We all know that the era of mass-produced handmade surfboards has come and gone. The biggest board manufacturers in the world rely on design programs and CNC machines more than skilled hands and power planers. But hand shaping hasn’t vanished from the earth—it just changed its address. Instead of residing in big factories, it’s moved into backyards, garages, and tool sheds. And while today’s hand shapers may not be able to churn out the same volume of boards as the biggest brands in the industry, they have more than a few redeeming qualities. Here are five reasons to order your next board from your local backyard shaper.

Local Wave Knowledge
Surf spots are like snowflakes—each one is unique. Your local shaper knows the idiosyncrasies of your local waves because he surfs them too. Take advantage of this. If you share a home break with your shaper, they will probably know exactly what you need from your next surfboard, even if you don’t. “I always add an extra inch and a half of nose rocker to my boards for people surfing locally, because here on Hatteras Island, you need that,” says East Coast shaper Scooter Halladay of Bone Surfboards.

If you’re lucky, your local surf shop might have 50 different boards on the rack to choose from at any given time. But why settle for a board that was made with neither your surf style nor local waves in mind when your local shaper can offer unlimited wave riding options, all tailored to your surfing and your waves? “There’s always a better or different way to approach a design,” says San Diego shaper Mike Slingerland. “The options in surfboard design are infinite, so the progression will always continue.” Armed with little more than a six-pack and a sketchpad, you can show up at your local shaper’s workspace and draw planlines until your heart’s content. Hopefully your shaper will save you from your most ill conceived ideas and meet you in the middle with something both unique and functional.

Perhaps the only thing better than getting a custom hand shape is getting your own hands dirty in the process. “Handshapes do offer more of an experience for the money,” says East Coast shaper Gary Wilson. “Rapping with the shaper, discussing shapes they like and dislike, or even hitting a session with them are experiences that are unique to ordering from local shapers. I’ll even let the customer help shape his own board if he wants to, as long as he agrees not to sue me when he cuts his finger off.” Even if you do end up losing a pinky in the shaping bay, it might be well worth it if you end up getting barreled on a board that you helped create yourself.

Local Economy Stimulation
On the East Coast, for example, many beach towns overflow with deep-pocketed tourists in the summer months, allowing a lot of local businesses to make the majority of their annual income over a short, seasonal stretch. But as summer turns to fall and fall into winter, the river of tourist dollars dries up, and many towns go comatose. But there are still waves to be had, and if you need a new board for hurricane season, why not get something shaped locally and keep your hard-earned money circulating through your community? You’ll be surfing a quality boards designed for chasing hurricane barrels, and your shaper won’t need to take a second job in the offseason. Everyone wins.

The world of surfboard production has changed drastically in the last 20 years. The production handshaper has become a thing of the past, and the number of knowledgeable craftsmen will decrease as it becomes a less viable career path. “Be prepared to sweat and struggle if you want handshape surfboards for a living,” says Steven Divita of Head High custom surfboards. “People want cheap boards, and that’s what the market will provide through new means of production. A lot of people don’t realize the amount of time it takes to build a custom board by hand, but in the end, you get what you pay for.” On top of getting a higher quality board from a local shaper, your business will allow them to continue crafting boards by hand, keeping surfing’s proudest tradition alive and well.

Minds Wide Open Windsurfing

Even though I completely gave up on windsurfing in favour of kiting some years ago – this still captures the magic.

From the producers of Four Dimensions, prepare to join a bigger and better team on a new journey of breathtaking windsurfing action and cinematography. With a spectrum of mind-bending angles shot in stunning locations. it’s time to taste the future and keep your Minds Wide Open.

– 50 Minutes Main Movie + Extras
– All Regions
– Starring: Marcilio Browne, Ricardo Campello, Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Philip Köster, Kauli Seadi
– Locations: somewere in Indo, Klitmöller, CaboVerde, Gran Canaria, Maui, Egypt,

Website: mindswideopenmovie.com
– Main Supporter: Planet Allsport, Pousada Windjeri
– Side Supporters: Fanatic, North, JP, NP, Starboard

Thanks to PWA/JC, Andi Jansen (additional Footage)

Handplane Goodness – a how to make video and a tease

Bird Man Media presents Thomas Bexon of Thomas Surfboards hand shaping some hand planes.

Trouble In The Wind
“Eazy Goin'”

check out




Another video with GoPro to wet the appetite


Ben Wilson kiting big waves unstrapped

If you can forget for a moment this an ADVERT for Jeep  – at least Ben Wilson gets some money for doing it. Kiting Cloudbreak one of the premier surfspots……..


DATE: 20th May 2011

On May 20th 2011, kitesurfing pioneer, Ben Wilson, caught the world’s largest wave ever ridden strapless with a kite. What makes Ben an inspiration to all kiters is his passion for the sport. Ben’s driving force for his brand BWS is based on innovation, integrity and inspiration. Ultimately his undying desire to find the perfect wave and bring it to the public eye.

Kite Summer – A fish board for lighter days and fun in the surf

KiteSurf Magazine “A perfect example of the most fun and versatile surfboard shape there is”

xelerator 5'8" fish

When the conditions are not perfect and the waves are mushy the Epic fish can make the difference and transform an average kite session into a great session.

The secret behind the successful Xelerator Fish Design is its versatility. Riding the board in Quad setup will give the Fish more grip and works great in slightly bigger surf. Using the board in twinzer setup makes it super loose and snappy and enables you to pull off those arials even in the smallest surf.

They are pretty tough boards – look at the video below.

Windsurfing triple forward …..ouch

This is the footage of Boujmaa’s bad wipe-out-to-hospital. We don’t think any windsurfing crash has been covered this extensively on the net.


Boujmaa Guilloul

Sail#: M-3
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Age: 26
Nationality: Moroccan
Residence: Morocco
Debut: 2004
1st PWA event Hawaii Pro wave 2004
2010 ranked 20th overall PWA Wave
2009 8th Cabo Verde Wave
2008 ranked 19th overall PWA Wave
2007 ranked 14th Wave, came 5th in Guincho.
Favorite spot: Moullay
Other interests: surf, skate
Favorite food: couscous
some footage in Morocco 
Starboard, Severne Sails, MFC, Mystic, Aeron Rig Products