Bucket List time

January looking light for work so going to do this (hopefully) Dont really fancy shlepping my kite stuff so I may rent a windsurfer and dust that part of my technique off ….

but before I get to excited i emailed to check dates and got this back ….

We have put the HIHO event on-hold for 2014.  Sorry about this.  We do expect a reincarnation in 2015 which might be more kite focused.

Highland Spring HIHO

Racing is the backbone of the HIHO event and competition tales place in these classes: SUP, windsurfing & kiting. Summer conditions in the BVI are ideal for all these activities. Each class races separately. Here are details:


There are two SUP racing classes: Open and Fanatic One-Design. Open class racers can compete on any board as long as it is under 14′. Races are 3 to 5-miles in length. The organizer have a limited number of 12’6″ and 14′ raceboards available for rent. There is the option of shipping boards back and forth from Miami in our container. You should contact us for more info.

The Fanatic One-Design class is the larger of the SUP classes. All racers use the bespoke 12′ Fanatic Ray board. The Fanatic One-Design class caters to more intermediate level racers and involves daily races that are 1-3-miles in length, and almost always in sheltered waters.

We recognize the top 5 racers in the Open class, and the top women racer. In the Fanatic One-Design class we give trophies to the top 10-racers


This is a strict one design division where all racers use the BIC Techno 2 283. The 148 liter board is ideal for inter-island racing in our Summer trade wind weather. Boards are available for rent. Techno 2 racers may use any fin they like and any three sails. Neil Pryde V8 & Hellcat sails are also available for rent. [Equipment Info here]

Techno 2 racers will compete between 6 and 9 races during the event. Racing starts on smaller courses in the North Sound, then longer inter-island legs by day 2.

Trophies are awarded in the windsurfing class in these division:

1. Juniors (<18)

2. Men’s (18-34)

3. Master’s (35-44)

4. Grand Masters (45-54)

5. Super Masters (55+)

6. Women’s (all ages)


New for the 2013 event, kitesurfing will involve a limited number of inter-island races. The kite racing class will be limited to 15-racers. All inter-island kite races must be aboard raceboards. We will not permit twin tip and low-volume boards for the inter-island races. You may use any board when you rode recreationally. Prizes will be awarded to the top kiters following the race series we outline for the week.

PWA Aloha Classic

Watching this makes me miss windsurfing (a bit)

Siver snatches the victory from under the nose of Seadi after an epic day in Ho’okipa

The wind and wave Gods were shining over Ho’okipa Beach Park on the fifth day of the JP Aloha Classic – presented by Nalu Kai – as the PWA single elimination was completed in epic conditions. Just as the forecast predicted the wind and waves built throughout the day, and by the time the competition was reaching its climax the swell was pumping with over mast high sets rolling into Ho’okipa, providing a pulsating finale to a enthralling day. Levi Siver (Quatro / Goya Windsurfing / MFC) sailed superbly and he was rewarded with victory at the end of the single elimination. Will the American be able to hold onto his single elimination JP Aloha Classic crown?

The final was run as a four-man battle over the duration of 22 minutes to give Kauli Seadi, Morgan Noireaux, Bernd Roediger and Levi Siver the maximum chance to really exercise their prowess.

The American delivered one of his stunning trademark aerials and a couple of turns, which sent the spray flying by the bucket load.

Roediger and Noireaux were also going for broke, as they attempted air takas and frontside wave 360s respectively, but ultimately it was Siver who stepped up to the plate.

On his final wave of the heat, Siver lined up the critical section to launch into a frontside 360, which he claimed, before delivering another gouging turn.

With no time remaining Seadi tacked onto the final wave of the heat and rotated through a perfectly executed goiter, but it wasn’t a counting wave for him, which left for a nail biting finale.

The result proved to be almost inseparable with just 0.02 of a point in it, much to the delight of Siver it was soon revealed that he had clinched the single elimination victory.

“I just told myself that I want to enjoy it. At the end of the day we’re all friends who love this sport and I think we should keep that spirit of Aloha, and just keep encouraging each other”, said Siver.

JP Aloha Classic | Single Elimination:

1. Levi Siver (Quatro/Goya Windsurfing/MFC)
2. Kauli Seadi (JP/Hot Sails Maui)
3. Bernd Roediger (Quatro/Goya Windsurfing/MFC)
4. Morgan Noireaux (JP/Hot Sails Maui/Maui Ultra Fins)
5. Matt Pritchard (Tabou/Gaastra)
5. Josh Angulo (Angulo/Gun Sails)
7. Kevin Pritchard (Starboard/Ezzy/MFC)
7. Graham Ezzy (Quatro/Ezzy)

Kitesurfing pips windsurfing for the 2016 olympic slot

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has confirmed that kiteboarding will replace windsurfing in the Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition. Council voted 19 to 17 to have kiteboarding in the capital of Brazil.

The ISAF Council decided that kiteboarding should debut in the Olympic Games, in the Men’s and Women’s board events. In November 2011, an evaluation group was appointed to examine kiteboarding formats with the board events for Rio 2016 defined as “windsurfing and/or kiteboarding”.

The Evaluation Group recommended that kiteboarding be included in the ISAF Event family including the ISAF Sailing World Cup and the ISAF Sailing World Championships but Council went one step further and selected Kiteboarding for the Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition as well.

The ISAF Windsurfing and Kiteboarding Committee will consider and make further recommendations to Council on the implementation of the inclusion of kiteboarding at their meeting in November 2012 at the ISAF Annual Conference.

“These announcements mark a new era for sailing and we welcome the new classes into the ISAF family. The equipment selections have fulfilled the criteria set out by the Evaluation Panel and we look forward to seeing the boats not only at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, but the ISAF Sailing World Cup and ISAF Sailing World Championships”, says ISAF President Göran Petersson.

“Kiteboarding has proven to us that it is ready to be included into the list of prestigious ISAF Events and it is a fantastic addition to the sailing programme for the 2016 Olympic Games.”

Robbie Naish – still one of the greatest

Always the best – I remeber watching his windsurf video VHS !!! all those years ago and thinking WOW back then

Then kiting and toe in surfing ….


This is the intro to RIP – does anyone know if its on DVD?

To help us choose …. Best Kitesurf spots around the world based on wind stats

Windy Kiteboarding Months

Here is a guide to windy kiteboarding months – it is difficult to accumulate a full list, as this is compiled from many sources, so use this as a guide. Obviously you can get wind at other times than shown here and you also can get skunked! If you have locations you would like to see in the list feel free to let us know.

Windy Kiteboarding Months List:

All Year:
Maui, Tarifa – Spain, Egypt, Hatteras- North Carolina, Cabarete – DR

Western Oz, Cape Town-South Africa, La Ventana-Mexico, Boracay-Philipines, Namibia, St. Louis-Senegal, Copal-Costa Rica, Mui Ne Bay-Vietnam, Auckland-NZ, Nashiro-Japan, Baja, Barbados, Kenya-Mombasa, BVIs, Carmelo-Uruguay, Buenos aires-Argentina, Hong Kong, Puclaro-Chile, Yemen-Red Sea

Margarita- Western Oz, St. Louis- Senegal, Cape Verde Is, Melbourne, Hua Hin – Thailand, South Africa, La ventana-mexico, Boracay-philipines, Cap Chevalier-Martinique, Zanzibar-Tanzania, Copal-Costa Rica, Mui Ne Bay-Vietnam, Belize, Florida-USA, Nashiro-Japan, Baja, Barbados, South Padre Island-(TX)USA, Esbjerg-Denmark, Cabarete, Bonaire-Carib, St. Lucia-Carib, Whitehaven-Whitsunday Islands, BVIs, Noordwijk ann Zee-Netherlands, Puclaro-Chile, Yemen-Red Sea

El gouna-Egypt, cape verde, St. Louis-Senegal, Cabarete, margarita, Western Oz, Hua Hin – Thailand, South Africa, La Ventana-Mexico, Esbjerg-Denmark, Antigua, Goa, Cap Chevalier-Martinique, Zanzibar-Tanzania, Copal-Costa Rica, Mui Ne Bay-Vietnam, Belize, Florida-USA, Barbados, South Padre Island-(TX)USA, Bonaire-Carib, St. Lucia-Carib, Negombo-Sri Lanka, BVIs, Ibiza-Spain, Rosslare-Ireland, Watergate-UK, Cape Hatteras-USA, Puclaro-Chile, Yemen-Red Sea

Cape Verde, Maui, Margarita, Western Oz, Hua Hin – Thailand, Antigua, Cap Chevalier-Martinique, Belize, Banff-Canada, Barbados, South Padre Island-(TX)USA, Safaga-Egypt, Bonaire-Carib, St. Lucia-Carib, Whitehaven-Whitsunday Islands, Negombo-Sri Lanka**, Ibiza-spain, Rosslare-Ireland, Watergate-UK, Cape Hatteras-USA, Puclaro-Chile

Cape Verde, Margarita, Antigua, Cape Hatteras-USA, Leucate-France, Essaouira-Morocco, Iraq, El yaque-venezuela, ras sudr-egypt, Rhodes-Greece, porto pollo-Sardinia, Fuerteventura, cabarete, Bonaire-Carib, St. Lucia-Carib, Whitehaven-Whitsunday Islands, Ibiza-spain, Aruba-Carib, Tarifa, Puclaro-Chile, Mancora-Peru

Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Cape Verde, Cabarete, Raratonga, The Gorge Or-USA, Bol-Croatia, Foddini-Italy, Ponto de Oura-Mozambique, Seychelles*, Maui-USA, fiji, Essaouira-Morocco, Guincho-Portugal, el yaque-venezuela, Rhodes-Greece, Levkada-Greece, dakhla-morocco , Corsica, Rhodes-Greece, Pirlanta-Turkey, Paramali-Cyprus, porto pollo-Sardinia, Lanzarote, Bonaire-Carib, St. Lucia-Carib, Sri Lanka**, Aruba-Carib, Puclaro-Chile, Mancora-Peru

Cabarete, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Mauritius, Naxos-Greece, Raratonga, Leucate-France, The Gorge Or-USA, Pirlanta-Turkey, Bol-Croatia, Foddini-Italy, Seychelles*, solomon Islands, Maui-USA, fiji, Tahiti, Essaouira-Morocco, Guincho-Portugal, el yaque-venezuela, Rhodes-greece, levkada-greece, dakhla – morocco, Corsica, paros-Greece, porto pollo-Sardinia, Lanzarote, El Gouna-Egypt, Safaga-Egypt, Sinai, eilat-Israel, Paramali-Cyprus, Sri Lanka**, Maui-USA, Aruba-Carib, Puclaro-Chile, Mancora-Peru

Cabarete, El Gouna-Egypt, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Brazil, Mauritius, cape verde, Naxos-Greece, Raratonga, The gorge-USA, Bol-Croatia, Pirlanta-Turkey, Foddini-Italy, Zanzibar-Tanzania, Guincho-Portugal, Seychelles*, solomon Islands, Rangiroa-F.polynesia, Maui-USA, Fiji, Tahiti, Essaouira-Morocco, Corsica, Rhodes-Greece, Paramali-Cyprus paros-Greece, Lanzarote, Safaga-Egypt, Eilat-Israel, Sinai, Sri Lanka**, Maui-USA, Aruba-Carib, Puclaro-Chile, Mancora-Peru

El Gouna-Egypt, Tucus-Brazil, Mauritius, Pirlanta-Turkey, Zanzibar-Tanzania, Seychelles*, solomon Islands, Rangiroa-F.polynesia, Sumbawa-indonesia, Maui-USA, Madagascar, UK, Corsica, rosslare-Ireland, Canada, Germany, Israel, Sinai-Egypt, Noordwijk ann Zee-Netherlands, Puclaro-Chile, Mancora-Peru, Cumbuco Brazil

Tucus-Brazil, Western Oz, Sumbawa-indonesia, Madagascar, New Caledonia, Chile, Watergate-UK, Esbjerg-Denmark, rosslare-Ireland, Buenos Aires-Argentina, Carmelo-Uruguay, Noordwijk ann Zee-Netherlands, Cape Hatteras-USA, Tarifa, Puclaro-Chile, Mancora-Peru, Cumbuco Brazil

Melbourne, Tucus-Brazil, Western Oz, Namibia, cape town-South Africa, Sumbawa-indonesia, Auckland-NZ, Madagascar, New Caledonia, Buenos aires-Argentina, Carmelo-Uruguay, Hong Kong, Leucate-France, Noordwijk ann Zee-Netherlands, Tarifa, Puclaro-Chile, Cumbuco Brazil

Melbourne, Tucus-Brazil, Western Oz, cape town-South Africa La ventana-mexico, Namibia, Copal-Costa Rica, Mui Ne Bay-Vietnam, Auckland-NZ, Nashiro-Japan, Baja, New Caledonia, Boracay-philipines, Buenos aires-Argentina, Carmelo-Uruguay, Monastir-Tunisia, Hong Kong, Leucate-France, Cape Hatteras-USA, Tarifa, Puclaro-Chile, Yemen-Red Sea

* – means varies depending on the island or side.
** – monsoon season this is the dry side of the island