A sailing type of day

Todays blog post is all about sailing.

Last Saturday the Vendee Globe Race started – this for me is the most extreme race out there for sailors. Sure the America’s Cup is high tech, the olympics are busy, match racing is brain scratching but Around The World is Hard. I am not talking Volvo Ocean Race Hard but SOLO Around The World …..

In reality it couldn’t be simpler start … go around …. finish. The course for the Vendée Globe illustrates the straightforward nature and simplicity of the idea behind this major event. You sail around the world from west to east via the three major capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin and the Horn. There is a long slide down the Atlantic, the perilous voyage across the Southern Ocean with firstly the Indian Ocean and its crossed seas, then the Pacific Ocean, the world’s biggest ocean. Finally, there is the climb back up the Atlantic to head back to Les Sables d’Olonne, which marks the start and finish of the Everest of the seas. There are ICE GATES to combat – this stops the sailors going too far south where the chances of them hitting an iceberg are too high and rescue is very difficult but apart from that it is no holds barred. A fleet of racers sailing for 80’ish days with little sleep and lots and lots of physical grunt as well as media production. TOUGH

The other bit of sailing news is about the World Speed Record which has been safe in a kitesurfers hands for a wee while – Vestas Sailrocket is trying to steal it back in a highly specialised (and limited craft) …. they are in Namibia at the moment (don’t know where that is? Firstly Shame on you … secondly look it up) and they are very close to getting the record.

Here is a video taster of their latest effort … 61knots … scorchio