M74 Bike and Hike

What a nice day.

Weather wise not the greatest with heavy rain showers and gusty winds but for us it was great. Went down as a family – cycling the 5km to Shields Road where the ride was starting from. Ruby (age6) is getting very good at cycling on the roads in traffic … this time escorted by Jolene on the Yuba Mundo in front and me on the Klein mtb behind.

last time we see this on a bike

Met up with some friends who had also made the journey.

Pinned numbers

ruby on her great islabike
Jolene and Bella on the Yuba Mundo

Then we were off.

under construction

Only did the 4km loop with family as they had cycled down and we were cycling a further 5km to the West End for lunch afterwards … I think 30 odd km for a 6 year old might have us reported to Childline.

Tom raring to go

When we finished Tom and I quickly did the 14km route … quickly may be more apt when heading east with the wind behind us – but turning around we faced that devil but still made steady progress on our return. One roadie zoomed past us – I am guessing the roadies did their race much earlier.

the Brommie Squad

A big shout out (apart from that to family and friends) goes out to the Brompton posse – regulars readers will know I have one and I am a big fan – but this is a Glasgow group of cycling advocates and seemingly great people that I hardly had the chance to natter to as I went to take their pic ….


Easter Monday potter on the bikes

A lovely morning so loaded up the small Islabike and headed west to the parks and the canal.

heading west

Bella was on the back of the Yuba Mundo with her little bike strapped to the side – a few roads to go on and not yet safe enough for an unskilled 4 year old

over the shoulder shot

then to the west where we stopped for a bite to eat … before heading to Kelvingrove park where the girls cycled and tired themselves out.

crazy lunchtime

So on the way back it was a bit of this

bodged up bike carrier

followed by this

the ride home

I escaped on the bike – a day less working

Managed to escape the edit and get out in daylight … we went as a family down the road to Mono to hear a music session. Frightened Rabbit were playing one of our favourite bands … first however past an exhibition where we spent £250 on a new painting for the house ….

at the lights

Ruby 6yo rode her IslaBike and Bella was on the back of the Yuba Mundo … I got to ride the Klein Single Speed – sexed up with the (easy to puncture) Schwalbe Fat Frank white treads.

There is alway time to stop and practise balance with the family – a life work balance

Fat Frank tyre review

Fat Franks are useless – after the third puncture in as many months have put on schwalbe marathon plus tires complete with slime filed tubes. No good on the yuba although may put them on the Klein….


UPDATE: Since put on my Klein – see the look here …

quick escape and a few miles down

motion-X map

Quick ride at 4pm as Jolene and the girls were coming back from swimming – Ruby (now 6yo) was doing only her 2nd ride to the West End (glasgow) which is just over 5km each way. in between was a 40 min swimming class which always wipes her out so thought I would meet them on their way home to give Ruby a moral boost and also to make sure she was safe on the road

10km happy yawn

Took a bit of coaching at the end – but she was insisting on doing it – we were going to strap the bike on the side of the Yuba if she was tired … but she wouldnt give up despite complaining.

electric yuba and the second of the norwegian firefighting team

Went to meet them on the Brompton – getting used to the slightly small wheels and noticing the bumps – but a solid well-made bike and I am loving it.

Brompton - S6L brooks and schwalbe marathon upgrade
Name: Track 023
Date: 3 Oct 2010 5:19 pm
(valid until Nov 2, 2010)
Distance: 7.84 kilometers
Elapsed Time: 35:34.6
Avg Speed: 13.2 km/h
Max Speed: 35.0 km/h
Avg Pace: 04′ 32″ per km
Min Altitude: 81 m
Max Altitude: 107 m
Start Time: 2010-10-03T16:19:53Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 55.860547º N
Longitude: 4.223120º W
End Location:
Latitude: 55.860423º N
Longitude: 4.222976º W


Anyone out there with an interest in ‘rambling’ (in the sense of kite,bike,tour,camera, surf) and who want to contribute then get in touch. I only started this blog as a ramble into the ether and now it turns out that people read it so – if you fancy writing about your tour on a surly big dummy, fell-running, bike maintenance or even reviews of things or places then I want to hear from you.

girls gone punctured

Bottom line – Ordered Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour and some slime inner tubes after jolene got marooned with the girls on the way back from school. The front tyre punctured and when she tried to push the inner tube rolled out of the Fat Franks ….. she had to call her brother for rescue as i was away.

stranded when it's time for dinner

The Yuba is heavy and then with 2 extra kid seats and an electric motor it is garanteed to be a plus 60lbs beast.

Yuba mundo electric wheel

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone

Electric front wheel on the Yuba Mundo – sparticle 250w – still installing

Product Information

With the all new Bafang Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor for higher efficiency and more power throughput.

The 2010 Sparticle Kit comes with many improvements (after listening to our customer feedback) including:

  • crusie control
  • handlebar mounted ON/OFF switch and a quality throttle with battery gauge.
  • An extremely easy to fit extendable modular wireharness system (E.W.S) with stylish sensible connectors so if you havea cargo bike, a trike, or a recumbent you can use inline extensions to ensure the cables are just the right length.
  • Battery locks on with a 1/2 inch key operated bolt
  • Upgraded charger circuitry to balance the battery cells for a longer life and better performance.
  • Quality rims with stainless steel spokes so your pride and joy won’t rust overnight.
  • A variety of specially made washers are available to ensure the perfect motor wheel fit in your bicycle forks.
  • Disc brake front motorwheel available in 26″ wheel.

This is a well designed, lightweight, easy to fit, reliable (tried and tested) kit using a 24v 10Ah (240 Watt hour)  lightweight bubblepack battery that delivers great performance.
Please note it is FRONT WHEEL fitting and rim brake & disc brake compatible.

Max Range   20 to 35  miles (atob acheived over 40 miles)
Max Power    600 watts
Nominal Power    250watts
Hill Climbing    15.00%
Max Motor Speed    13-15 mph
Peak current    25Amps
Ave’ Charge times     2 to 4 hours

Motor    Permanent Magnet Brushless 250Watt continuous
Battery    24Volt 10AmpHour Lithium = 240 Watt Hours
Suspension    n/a
Brakes    n/a
Gears    n/a
Assist Modes thumb throttle or twist grip both with cruise control (pedelec optional extra) Handlebar mounted On/Off switch
Weight    approx 5.5Kg
Warranty    1 year on all parts, Yes even the battery!

One of the lightest kits on the market from the market leading ebike retailer.

Note: Front fork clearance for the motor needs to be 100mm.

RunMonster bike app – running app

Using RunMonster on the iPhone – quick trial taking the girls to school on the bike. Tracks very well and simple to use – has a feature where you can email the route to someone after completion … an example is below. It attaches a gpx file so they can upload the route to their GPS or app …. although wordpress drops this attachment off. Sportypal has a good viewer for gpx files.


You have been sent a bike ride from RunMonster for iPhone.

Activity: Bike Ride
Route: Cranworth St – Speirs Wharf
Date: Aug 17, 2010 11:42 AM
Distance: 3.91 kilometers
Duration: 25:07
Calories: 42
Avg Pace: 6:25 min/km
Avg Speed: 15.0 km/h
Max Altitude: 115 meters
Min Altitude: 80.0 meters

Kilometer 1: 4:39/km
Kilometer 2: 5:18/km
Kilometer 3: 3:23/km
Last 0.93 Kilometers: 12:30/km

The file attached to this message is in GPX format. To display the route: Any Platform: Google Earth (http://earth.google.com/)
Windows: TopoFusion (http://www.topofusion.com/)
Mac: TrailRunner (http://trailrunnerx.com/)

A full list of applications that support GPX files can be found here: http://www.topografix.com/gpx_resources.asp

If you have any questions or comments, please email support@runmonster.com.

The RunMonster Team

Guys at Lighten up bikes helping George. « The Beltline Bike shop


Guys at Lighten up bikes helping George.

This is George. George lives in SW Atlanta

George is 62 years old.

George is a Vietnam Vet

George lives in his Grandmothers house. She is in a nursing home.

George collects cans to supplement his social security income.

He collects cans by the roadside and hauls his load on this bicycle. Last night, I received an email from my friend Ken that simply said “we gotta get George a Mundo”. To which I replied, “Who the hell is George?”. To which Ken replied, “dude george the guy who hauls all the cans on his bike up and down murphy”. One dollar for George was born.

The idea is this, if enough people donate one dollar for George we can set him up with a Yuba Mundo cargo hauling bike that’s tricked out just for hauling cans. We are NOT a non-profit corporation. The filing costs would put us well on the way to a Mundo so we’re doing this on the honor system. We will be incurring Paypal fees and perhaps a few unforseen expenses but, beyond that, every penny will go towards a badass Mundo for George and if anything is left it will go to some charitable use.

Please give to onedollarforgeorge.org


via Guys at Lighten up bikes helping George. « The Beltline Bike shop.

NOTE: IF link is not working login to your paypal and send money to scott@onedollarforgeorge.org

A jaunt to the shops

Saturday morning jaunt to the shops to pick up some food. Two cheapo £6 panniers from eBay – not quite the carrying capacity of the go- getter bag but at least this fits on with the child seat.

One child on the stoker seat is very stable – if just the younger one on the rear then the front wheel does feel a bit light when you are not on it.

Nice and smooth through the traffic on the way home though.

yuba ride in the park

Just found some photos from last year – before I had the other child seat on. Just with the homemade stoker seat

…. had strapped ruby’s bike on the side for the ride down to the park where she could practice.

In the park it is quite a care free jolly around – the Yuba makes a great platform to shoot from – would be happy sitting backwards  (with another driver)  whilst shooting on my HD rig – and with these big tyres probably smoother than most tracks and dollies.

Lazy Days and Bike Seats for the Yuba Mundo

Sitting drinking whisky (Highland Park 18yo if you must) and ordering photographic books on Aperture for xmas presents. Haven’t done any exercise this last week or so – but off to the Middle East on Sunday and will be exercising everyday for 3 weeks so not feeling too floppy/slobby.

Bike seats for the Yuba Mundo are finally in stock so ordered one to put behind the toddler seat I knocked up for my eldest.

Looks pretty good and apparently the clamp is good.

Link here and here


Bike seat from Polisport very good – although the 3 year old is jealous of the stoker seat I made (the big girl seat)

Ready to Go