Yuba mundo electric wheel

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone

Electric front wheel on the Yuba Mundo – sparticle 250w – still installing

Product Information

With the all new Bafang Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor for higher efficiency and more power throughput.

The 2010 Sparticle Kit comes with many improvements (after listening to our customer feedback) including:

  • crusie control
  • handlebar mounted ON/OFF switch and a quality throttle with battery gauge.
  • An extremely easy to fit extendable modular wireharness system (E.W.S) with stylish sensible connectors so if you havea cargo bike, a trike, or a recumbent you can use inline extensions to ensure the cables are just the right length.
  • Battery locks on with a 1/2 inch key operated bolt
  • Upgraded charger circuitry to balance the battery cells for a longer life and better performance.
  • Quality rims with stainless steel spokes so your pride and joy won’t rust overnight.
  • A variety of specially made washers are available to ensure the perfect motor wheel fit in your bicycle forks.
  • Disc brake front motorwheel available in 26″ wheel.

This is a well designed, lightweight, easy to fit, reliable (tried and tested) kit using a 24v 10Ah (240 Watt hour)  lightweight bubblepack battery that delivers great performance.
Please note it is FRONT WHEEL fitting and rim brake & disc brake compatible.

Max Range   20 to 35  miles (atob acheived over 40 miles)
Max Power    600 watts
Nominal Power    250watts
Hill Climbing    15.00%
Max Motor Speed    13-15 mph
Peak current    25Amps
Ave’ Charge times     2 to 4 hours

Motor    Permanent Magnet Brushless 250Watt continuous
Battery    24Volt 10AmpHour Lithium = 240 Watt Hours
Suspension    n/a
Brakes    n/a
Gears    n/a
Assist Modes thumb throttle or twist grip both with cruise control (pedelec optional extra) Handlebar mounted On/Off switch
Weight    approx 5.5Kg
Warranty    1 year on all parts, Yes even the battery!

One of the lightest kits on the market from the market leading ebike retailer.

Note: Front fork clearance for the motor needs to be 100mm.

Rait Hill Run Race …. fun I think

3rd and 5th

This weekend in Rait a quick hill run. Since practising in baggers – hills have stopped to feature … but blimey this one hurt. No warm up then immediately uphill – first half of race is up second half is down. Saw the 1st guy shoot off then the second passed and disapeared … clung onto 3rd all the way although heard footsteps very close for the first 10 minutes then gradually eased away. Short 300m hill right at the finish which was very cruel … felt like barfing but luckily no-one pressing me at the end. One guy with gps said 3.2 miles (5.2km) … I though slightly longer on account of hills – WalkJogRun says less

Finish Times

01 20:30.4 20:30.4
02 20:38.2 00:07.7

those shorts are bad

03 22:07.1 01:28.7
04 22:55.1 00:47.8
05 23:40.3 00:45.1
06 24:54.6 01:14.3
07 25:02.9 00:08.1
08 25:40.3 00:37.2
09 25:48.4 00:08.0
10 25:54.6 00:06.1
11 25:59.1 00:04.4
12 26:34.0 00:34.8
13 27:33.4 00:59.2
14 27:51.3 00:17.8
15 28:34.4 00:43.0
16 29:08.1 00:33.6
17 30:24.7 01:16.5
18 30:36.1 00:11.2
19 31:03.7 00:27.5
20 31:53.0 00:49.1
21 32:53.0 01:00.0
22 33:41.9 00:48.7
23 33:50.3 00:08.4

RunMonster bike app – running app

Using RunMonster on the iPhone – quick trial taking the girls to school on the bike. Tracks very well and simple to use – has a feature where you can email the route to someone after completion … an example is below. It attaches a gpx file so they can upload the route to their GPS or app …. although wordpress drops this attachment off. Sportypal has a good viewer for gpx files.


You have been sent a bike ride from RunMonster for iPhone.

Activity: Bike Ride
Route: Cranworth St – Speirs Wharf
Date: Aug 17, 2010 11:42 AM
Distance: 3.91 kilometers
Duration: 25:07
Calories: 42
Avg Pace: 6:25 min/km
Avg Speed: 15.0 km/h
Max Altitude: 115 meters
Min Altitude: 80.0 meters

Kilometer 1: 4:39/km
Kilometer 2: 5:18/km
Kilometer 3: 3:23/km
Last 0.93 Kilometers: 12:30/km

The file attached to this message is in GPX format. To display the route: Any Platform: Google Earth (http://earth.google.com/)
Windows: TopoFusion (http://www.topofusion.com/)
Mac: TrailRunner (http://trailrunnerx.com/)

A full list of applications that support GPX files can be found here: http://www.topografix.com/gpx_resources.asp

If you have any questions or comments, please email support@runmonster.com.

The RunMonster Team