New Board ordered & AIRUSH hammer for sale

Loving the quad fin 4 – play so much that I dont really use the Airush Hammer in the surf anymore. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great board just not needed. For those days when I want to ATTEMPT tricks I thought it was time to ge for a wider flatter board with more pop.
Ordered a DC Player twin tip 133 x 41cm in red and white. Hopefully in the UK soon.

So if anyone is looking for an Airush Hammer RRP £469 then it is for sale. £250 (+£25 postage to UK)

Sorry sold already – having a new life in Aberdeen

quad good even in the smallest ankle biting chop

Enjoying old bikes – reinventing the wheel

The new Xizang is riding well with it’s shorter stem and the SID TEAM forks – which I think are great. Some people have said they are flexy but I am 70kgs and they seem perfect. I love the remote lockout on the handlebar as it makes climbs where the path / trail is smoother seem of so efficient (as to what % i am not sure)

I have turned the Klein into a singlespeed – loving it again as I cruise across town to work (has to be a cruise as 90 cadence equates to only low 20’s km/h – note to oneself change spare wheel into road wheel with 13 tooth sprocket.

Fitted an On-one Mary bar and I really like them. Feels swept back even if the reach is the same as a straight bar. Arms – wrist just angled out better.

Selkirk 100

Just back from 6 weeks work in the Middle East and with the Xizang sitting at home in the cupboard I thought it was time to put it through it’s paces.

the route via Garmin

Had entered the Selkirk 100 (well actually 75km) and although training was virtually non existent – unless of course sitting on a gym bike counts as real training – I was up for it. I had ordered some UST tubeless tyres for the race and a new Rock Shox SID team 2007 fork …. tyre sent was the wrong one and the Fork was at my friend’s house. A little moan as he was supposed to race but had decided to bail out and had gone to see girlfriend in Birmingham leaving my fork locked in his flat. Oh crap.

Still went along ready for the 19 degree C and sunny weather that the forecast had predicted … instead rain and mud. So tyre choice crap Kenda Karma2.0 (nice tyre in any not wet conditions pretty fast rolling and good grip) back (tubed) and UST Schwalbe Skinny Jimmy 1.9 on the front. Forks still 10 year old SIDs which may have blown seal as they barely compress. Wearing in the Rohloff Speedhub hasn’t even started – it is supposed to take 1000 miles – so a race is not the most sensible way to start.
During the race the gear chang
es on the Rohloffseemed to get stiffer and stiffer – thought at first it was sore wrists after all the falls but something definitely wrong. Only twigged a few days later that the cut off bar grip had slipped and was so tight against the twist shift that the friction was making changes difficult. Now aware of it it is easy to avoid

So blame the equipment but it was me at fault … not fit enough and due to weather / practice / equipment I must have fallen off or gone over the bars at least 12 times in the race.

The bars on my saddle are bent now –

too many crashes or just shoddy construction. After 5h 42m with a terrible ave speed I came in 64th.

Retirement even before I felt competitive.

Still a few changes since then. Put on a 90cm stem and the new Sid forks and the bike is feeling great again….

who knows I might actually get some miles in soon.

new fork and stem