Step 1 – Titanium Rohloff Mission

Buy the bike …. found a great frame a GT XIZANG LE from late 90’s early 00’s on eBAY with Rolf Propel Wheels and SID fork for a bargain.

It is currently set up as single speed but the idea is to put a rohloff speedhub on the rear of the bike.
Currently the bike weighs 19lbs but this would rise to 23 24ish once setup.

This will be used for mtb marathon races 50km plus where riding on the Klein makes me feel like I have been punched in the kidneys ….. A LOT.

quad fins are the way forward II

Check out the latest SURFING magazine. titled: “4 reasons why your 3 fin is obsolete”
finally proof that even die hard surfers and the minimal man Slater is checking out the latest OLD-DESIGN.

‘QUADS’ are nothing new but equally not a Retro throw-back.



The article is in the ‘DESIGN FORUM’ section of the March 2007 addition and lists “5 areas where 4 fins are better than 3,2 or 1.”

  1. 4 fins are not retro
  2. 4 fins are faster
  3. 4 fins can and should be put on the rail (where kiting cruising always is)
  4. 4 fins are more responsive
  5. 4 fins are more versatile.

4 play at jumping

At Troon south beach on Sunday 8th April. Nice warm day (for this time of year) but wind light 15knots so took out the surfboard ….. had such a laugh – practised gybing and pointing upwind toeside. Did this jump at the end of the session ….. tried not to land hard but sure this board is tough enough.