Madison Street Bike by the Detroit Bicycle Company

JP special

It would seem a shame to take one of these black retro beauties out into the unforgiving pothole strewn streets of a Glasgow winter. It might be best to display the hand-crafted Madison Street bike indoors, perhaps in the living room, nicely leaning against the mantel. It certainly deserves a place next to other pieces of art.

Detroit Bicycle Company founder, Steven Bock, builds each bike to order from the finest parts. For those who appreciate high-quality bike parts, all frames are made with Columbus SL CRO-Mo tubing and Nova lugs. The Madison Street’s main attractions are the beautiful copper-plating of the Campagnolo and Cinelli parts, track rims with Vittoria Zaffiro tires and the inimitable Brooks leather saddle.

Each bike is customised, so prices vary, complete bikes priced at $3,200 and up, up …. UP

Sunday running

I must remember to be less social – giving friends an open invite to come around at Sunday ‘sometime’ meant that my plans for a sneaky Kitesurf session were scarpered when a 12:30pm early lunch was confirmed. Bugger there was no way that would work out for me to get down to the coast have a session and be back washed and ready to cook. The solution I am led to believe is not to ditch said friends but to make alternative plans.

So plan hatched was to get my arse in gear and get out for a run. I confess to having been a bit lazy since the Jedburgh half marathon and my sciatic nerve was twinging a bit (stiff arse for lack of a better word) so down for a normal run to glasgow green And along the river path heading east. It is a great run and as I entered glasgow green right next to west brewery I became aware of heavy footstep runner approaching from behind … I sped up and he still narrowed the gap within 400m and passed me. Phew, younger, taller, slimmer and wearing clothes more appropriate for summer than a violently windy autumnal nay even wintry stormy day. Still a good run and slowed down from the unsustainable 4:20/km pace and sauntered on. Legs felt crap and a bit dehydrated (better than hungover) but heart rate was a lowly 141bpm …. Aaas one of those days.

The run is a simple out and back – down the glasgow green path until the path stops at the construction fence (for the commonwealth games) then back. 12.9 ish on the garmin foot pod and 13.01 using google maps.

Rest of day fine, friends good, food nice (cooked a smoked mackerel risotto yumm) prosecco palatable.

Hope you all had a fine Sunday too …….

BMX Star Dane Searls dies in accident

Australian BMX star Dane Searls has died in hospital this morning from injuries sustained in a fall from a hotel balcony last weekend. Searls, 23, fell from the first floor of Billy’s Beach House in Queensland’s Gold Coast last Sunday night and had been in a coma ever since. Sydney Morning Herald reported that he’d been attempting to jump into the hotel pool below but missed, landing on the concrete and suffering critical head and back injuries. He was rushed to hospital at around 8.30pm on Sunday evening but succumbed to his injuries this morning. Just two days earlier he had set a new world record during a series of dirt jumps near Boonah, successfully landing an 18-metre gap jump. Tributes have been flooding in Searls on Twitter, with @TylerMcCaul saying: “Pourin’ one out in the dirt for a homie tonight. Ride in peace Dane Searls…you were a game-changer”.