A jaunt to the shops

Saturday morning jaunt to the shops to pick up some food. Two cheapo £6 panniers from eBay – not quite the carrying capacity of the go- getter bag but at least this fits on with the child seat.

One child on the stoker seat is very stable – if just the younger one on the rear then the front wheel does feel a bit light when you are not on it.

Nice and smooth through the traffic on the way home though.

yuba ride in the park

Just found some photos from last year – before I had the other child seat on. Just with the homemade stoker seat

…. had strapped ruby’s bike on the side for the ride down to the park where she could practice.

In the park it is quite a care free jolly around – the Yuba makes a great platform to shoot from – would be happy sitting backwards  (with another driver)  whilst shooting on my HD rig – and with these big tyres probably smoother than most tracks and dollies.

It’s been one of those weeks

in pre-production for a shoot and small things like locations dropping out and with the wife being poorly I have been doing the kids and work balance, which I am not so fluent on. Normally it is better but been working at night so a bit tired and had no exercise for a week so this morning went to our Baths (old victorian Baths) and the creche wasn’t open – had been so looking foward to an hour and a half in the gym followed by a quick steam before taking the girls swimming …. so swimming only not the end of the world …. but by the time I got home I was gagging to get out for some exercise on my own.

Went for a run around the neighbourhood – gps took a while to lock on – my fault for being impatient as it needed some time as the last use was in Iraq. Ran around the necropolis much hillier than I expected it to be – now it could be a good hill training route.

Suffered a bit High heart rate for such a slow run – but I think it was the stress coming out as my pace was dead slow in my multilayered running get up.

Gym session

Snowy weather knocked me off my outdoor regime … went to the gym the other day … g*d I hate gyms and started riding the stationary  bike – got a bit bored and decided to start a fartlek run. 1m30s  at level 18/19 (of 21 I think) then spinning a cadence of 110 at level 9 for recovery. looks like i didn’t try hard for the last 2.

Then a run on the treadmill – what is the point if the scenery doesn’t change. I while at 4:50/km carrying 2 kg weights (cross training) then a spell at running 3:56/km to get the heart rate up.

A bit of powerflex core exercises then 10 min in the sauna (the best part of the day)