Theatre Thursday: Twin Fin slide joy shred

Two days in Northern NSW with Asher Pacey and his self shaped twin fin.

even a non-surfer has to admire the glide and smoothness of this guy. Makes it looks so smooth and dare i say easy … from Magic Seaweed

Here we have Asher Pacey, the style-guru ripping on his self-shaped twin-fin. Surfing this kind of craft sets you apart from the crowd anyway but by combining a graceful, smooth approach with raw power in the right doses, Asher puts himself in a whole other category.

Another sweet kitesurf specific wave board

Traditional directional kiteboards are based on a surfboard design, not ideally suited to kite specific needs. 4 years in the making, the Mako Duke is a fresh take on a directional kiteboard and borrows heavily from our long history of successful board design.

The Duke’s deep Mako concave ensures this board rides smoothly over the chop, reducing nose chatter often associated with other directional boards. The concave also helps the Duke rip up wind and leads to a much more stable board with a massive sweet spot, good for transitional footwork and landing tricks.

The Duke’s concave also allowed us to move the fins further back, giving the board a loose, free feel when turning off the tail at slower speeds and allowing for hard carving turns at higher speed off the rail.

Up top, the full EVA deck and flatter tail rocker gives the rider a sense of entitlement to explore their options and practically begs you to jam and ride the board backward for a laugh.

The Duke: The world’s first, fully rethought, kiteboarding specific directional.

New toy arrives 

but the shipper has destroyed it …..

Box munched by delivery giant so the board has been damaged – waiting to see what the shop / courier offer.



 Edges and cracks to get epoxy resin on. I am fuming. 

The board (if new) looks great though 



Summer Toys

This is available – old stock cheap and sorely tempted to add another board to my set up.

The 2014 T-REX was developed for a new breed of riders focusing on aerial tricks and fun, poppy changes in direction. This unique, progressive shape is trending in the surf industry with the top pro riders. Patrick Rebstock prefers this next generation surf shape because it makes it easier to spin and flip tricks with less swing weight and has a tight precise feel to blast upwind.

Naish SKATER kitesurf board

this looks very sweet
Naish Skater-©Quincy Dein-Naish Kiteboarding

Naish Skater 2015 Surfboard

The new Skater has been developed with a redesigned, modern shape for beginner to advanced kiters who want to take their directional or strapless riding to new levels in any surf conditions with the option of riding strapped.

Its unique and durable honeycomb construction provides outstanding impact resistance in unison with the full deck pad. Its outline and length have been finely tuned for optimal control and balance while letting the rider focus on aerial tricks and hitting critical sections with ease and confidence.

This travel-friendly, compact design provides the same snappy maneuverability as a larger surfboard. Less board equals more snap and tighter, faster turns when combined with its thruster fin setup and exclusive bottom shaping. Performing flip and spin tricks have never been easier! Complete with:

– Naish Tri Carbon Cross Fins
– Naish Deck Pad

good bye for a week

i am off to Cape Verde for a week of Kitesurfing …. hopefully a lot of this …

and some of this

(in my dreams)

We will soon see as i have my older GoPro 2 and a newer GoPro 3 Black edition with me …… some lighter winds but 4 days look good ..