Saturday 5km Race – 151st ESB Farewell

Saturday morning and a 5km race around one of the lakes.

happy before

A group of us decided to run so bleary eyed and registered at 5:30am then a 6am start. It was quite cool this morning around 28-29 degrees so I was thankful for that.

Summary and HR

A great run – I watched as the New Chris streaked off in 3rd place whilst I struggled along in about 13th (unlucky for me). Chris eventually came in 5th with an amazing 18m40 – I came in 13th with a 20m17s

Nick joined us on his 40th Birthday and ran a very good 23m50s which is great as he doesn’t really run much. Pip training for the Great North Run did 25m40s with Jess a little way behind her. Top marks also to Chris F who at over 60 finished in 30m paced by Jules and still beating over half the field.

My lap times were fairly consistent – felt tired towards the end but didn’t bother with any last minute dash as no sprint finish with anyone.

Aaah good day always when you start with a run …..

happy after the race with the lake in background

What have you done this weekend so far?

A sunday getting beasted

Woke up this morning and headed into work early so that I could get out and do a run. It was hot – at 8:30am it was already 33 degrees. Prepared a litre bottle of water to leave by the lake where I was doing loops – the lake is just under 3km long around so it was a run there then 3 laps and a run back to get my 10km in.

Hope you all had a nice Sunday




Another Day another race – 13hrs later


6am is too early for the start of a race – especially when it is only 8km and it is dark when you finish too.


After surviving yesterday and my calf not pulling too much I felt I was up for the race this morning despite the stupid start time.

speed - gps fluctuations

Speed tracks are always annoying on gps – one of the reasons I have the Suunto (reviewed HERE)  show average speed as the mad gps fluctuations annoy me – there is no way I run 3m/km followed by 4m40/km.

Heart rate Movescount

The lap times below show the 1km splits so and you can see the consistency there – I generally just keep the Suunto t6 showing my Heart Rate (to keep below lactic threshold) and then when it beeps every km on autolap I check my progress.

lap times

The run as I said was in the dark – at the start someone tripped and fell and the race was spent looking for potholes (of which there are a few) although luckily I know the roads of the route quite well.

By 2km I was pretty much in the position I stayed in apart from 2 Ugandans who started late and came flying past at a good 3:20/km pace. Caught a couple of soldiers and got passed by a brit I have raced with and beaten a few times. Was a bit annoying as my legs were tired and I couldn’t quite get the muster to pass him again.

28m44s which was fine and I think around 20th or 21st of about 400-500 runners.

So got another t-Shirt (as did the first 300)

T-shirt BACK

5km Race (Race for the Wounded Soldier)

After pulling my calf muscle 3 days ago I wasn’t so sure about the 8km race I am supposed to do tomorrow morning and if my leg would hold up. Then found out about a smaller 5km race today (a live link to US Race for The Wounded Soldier). Small race about 180 people.

Went in for the race not intending to go very quickly but 1st km was a bit twingy then it seemed alright staying at that pace so kept going. Reeled in a few places until I was in 5th by 2.5km mark and stayed there until finish.


yellow line probably better average pace band


Average Pace – not really taking into account the 20knot wind – think I was more consistent than this


lap time with a rogue HR

T-Shirt for first 100 coming – will put up photo then.


RACE DAY – What a great run TF Phantom Farewell Run

6am and the alarm goes off. Running shorts on with jeans over the top to keep warm. Drink water, eat banana have some Clif Bar.

pre-race still dark

Down to the start and register again. Get number hobble around in the cold (about 3 degrees C) then sweater off and BANG here we go.

A good race – slightly shorter than the 7.35miles it was supposed to be – probably around 500+ runners. Saw some of them shoot ahead so kept count 11,12,13 …. figured I was in 19th.

lap splits - not super consistent

Kept up the pace for quite a while passed one got passed by another. Eventually coming in at 45m46s (4:08/km). Heart Rate pretty healthy for this type of run

heart rate on movescount

Came in tied 19th – first veteran Huzzah for Old Blokes