Theatre Thursday: NYC is handsome

I like the enthusiasm but the pedestrian charging aint so sweet ….. but pretty film

“NYC is Handsome – On The Streets with Gabriel Frilando” is a short film based in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York City. Known as “CheatDeathNYC” Gabriel Frilando shares his poetic, yet aggressive style of riding amid the streets of New York City.

The project is a collaboration between Jonathan Chapman / JCP and Minneapolis based Handsome Cycles.

Photographer & Director – Jonathan Chapman / JCP
Edit – Joseph McMahon

Dream Bike: Foundry (another lovely ti bride with tan lines)

from Radavist

These days, I feel like road bikes aren’t getting the love they deserve. Everything’s either “all-road” or cyclocross spefic, with disc brakes and massive tire clearances but there’s something to be said about a solid, race-inspired road bike with clearance for a 28mm tire.

That’s where Foundry’s new Chilkoot titanium road bike comes into play. Built using Foundry’s proprietary 3Al/2.5V titanium double-butted tubing the Chilkoot is both a road racing machine and a bike that will last for years on end.


Because a lot of people prefer Di2 compatibility on their bikes, Foundry added hidden ports to the frame and a clean, removable cable stop to the downtube. A 1 1/4” tapered ENVE road fork adds a bit of front-end stiffness for quick accelerations and the english threaded BB will ensure a creak-free ride.

Personally, I’m impressed with the Chilkoot. Road bikes are fun and this one in particular looks like a lot of thought went into addressing a much-needed market. $4,695.00 for the complete as shown with Ultegra 6800 or as a frame for $2495.

See more photos below and more at Foundry.










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Lessons Learned While Biking from Oregon to Argentina


Nice video

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Sometimes you read a quote and it just hits you. The words contain a self realization you had yet to discover. Like the secret of life was just handed to you. That’s what this video did to me. But instead of being the secret of life, this is the secret to life. If Jed can’t inspire you to change direction of your life, it’s already too late for you.

I’m usually at no shortage for words. This is no exception. Rather than talking about what this means to me, I want you to find what this video means to you. If you’ve made it to this paragraph without watching the video, stop here and watch it. If you watched the video before reading, nice work. Now remove as much routine from your life as possible and get to living.

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Dream Bike: 650b tour custom MAP project

Not much to say other than wow …

Screenshot 2015-06-26 15.45.21


A joint effort between Brent Steelman and Mitch Pryor, the S&P Randonneur Project is a fully-featured, light-weight, event-ready randonneuse that is equally at home on remote gravel roads or your local chip-seal. Built by a factory of two between Redwood City and Chico, California with the finest raw materials available today. Available in 7 stock sizes.

Low-trail front end geometry and custom-fitted racks, optimized for front loading and intuitive handling provide a solid foundation. Provisions for generator wire routing, and ideal clearances for 650B x 42mm tires and fenders ensure supreme comfort over mixed terrain. Optional detachable low-rider racks for light touring. Extreme versatility in a bicycle that sacrifices literally nothing.

Standard features include: 

  • Proven randonneuring geometry optimized for front loading, intuitive handling, and long-distance performance without sacrificing comfort.
  • Brazed 1″ threaded fork utilizing Kaisei Imperial fork blades and Grand Bois fork crown, with low-rider bosses and generator wire path.
  • Headtube tube ring reinforcements for frame longevity.
  • Path in frame for wired tail light.
  • Internal top tube cable routing.
  • Braze-ons for Compass centerpull brakes.
  • Brazed on chain stay slap guard protector.
  • 27.2mm seatpost with brazed on stainless steel collar.
  • 130mm rear end spacing.
  • Optional braze-on for seat tube mounted tail light and frame pump.
  • Top quality wet paint finish in a wide array of colors.
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Tech Talk: Touring Bicycles 2015 and Luddite Resistance


One of the most informative articles I have read about touring and bike trips. That double pannier setup (yes I have one of those too) is being cast asunder by the new touring setup which relies more on the evolution of Bikepacking than anything else….

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…In which Skyler dangerously ventures into the hemisphere of the ‘Opinion Piece’…

In our travels of North and South America, we’ve noticed a sort of uniform among the ‘common’ touring cyclist. It varies depending on the rider’s nationality. The uniform ridden by North Americans, and an increasing number of Europeans, on tours outside of North America is a bicycle model that has been around for over a decade – the Surly Long Haul Trucker. This bike is usually adorned with Tubus front and rear steel racks, four bursting Ortleib panniers, road-style drop bars, extremely stiff, puncture-resistant Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tires, high spoke-count 26″ wheels, rim brakes, and a Brooks leather saddle.

This photo is pulled from album of loaded touring bikes, over on the strange social experiment/touring forum This page, and 33 other like are, are dedicated to photos of Surly Long Haul Truckers. Even more fascinating, the owner of the website seems to earn a healthy income in donations from the very people who must struggle with the website's archaic layout and interface. Mind, I don't think most of those contributors like change. This photo is pulled from album of loaded touring bikes, over on the strange social experiment/touring forum This page, and 33 other like are, are dedicated to photos of Surly Long Haul Truckers. Even more fascinating, the…

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