Flying Moths – slightly boring video but great boats

I love the way foils have entered the sailing arena – but these carbon fragile creations are at the cutting edge of what is possible …


but still slow compared to foiling kites ..

these kites and foils flying in what is only about 8knots of wind …


Maybe I don’t need the boat after all


I played a video of this boat the other day and thought it was the best then I saw this …….


Ok in a regatta and rescued quickly but open ocean would be a very scary prospect ……

Full video

I need to win the lottery and to live somewhere warmer …

It has been a long time since Ive had excitement around a new boat launch, but I think if ever a boat deserved it, it’s the world’s first fully foiling cruiser/racer.

Sick work from all the Gunboat G4 build/design team, and I love this film of Timbalero 3′s sea trials.

Who is fastest at foiling – and who is cheapest?

Love this – finding out who is quickest on the racecourse – these boats fly literally – would love to see the gps data …..

The long-awaited sequel to the ultimate sailing showdown. Watch the battle between a hydrofoil kitesurfer, Moth, Nacra F20 FCS and Marstrom 32 as they battle for short course supremacy.

Kite – Zack Marks
Moth – Jonny Goldsberry
Nacra – John Casey & Colin Page
M32 – Team Bronco

Music: “Still With Me – Seven Lions Remix” – Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto

Special Thanks to Miami Yacht Club, Team Bronco, and Conor Smith for donating time and equipment to make this race possible!

Filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 and Panasonic Lumix GH4
Aerial Images filmed with a 3D Robotics Iris

Americas cup – impressive boats but yawn yawn

Luna rossa (IT shoe maker) and team emirates new zealand (team airline land of the long white cloud) raced yesterday in san fran in the first of the challenger series.

It was good and interesting to see them both out there. It’s clear that ETNZ had superior crew work, acceleration and outright speed but taken individually I think there were no really big gaps (except on the course!). It seemed to me that it was a combination of the three (+penalty+conditions) that contributed to the result rather than any one obvious factor.

I must say however that I thought LR looked a lot more stable when eventually foiling. It seemed to take longer to get there and be of shorter duration but in between she looked rock solid. ETNZ was a couple of knots up but looked a lot more nervous. I wonder if ETNZ are simply that comfortable with their boat and crew that they’re prepared to trial really aggressive foils?

But yawn a 5 minute winning margin and no racing boat on boat was so boring – would have rather seen a one design monohull race. But the boats were impressive hitting 37 knots down the course

Who is fastest on the Water?

Not speed overall but over a race course windward leeward racing. A 49’er (olympic dinghy derived from Australian Skiffs) A foiling moth or a kite/raceboard.

Here is the video plucked from the Sailing Anarchy site – showing the races.